I want this world. I want to walk into the ocean, and feel it trying to drag me along, like I’m nothing but a broken bit of scratched glass, and I want to resist it.
- Kim Addonizio

Student, enthusiast, activist, traveller, dreamer, aspiring writer, h u m a n,

and, of s u p e r n o v a s.

So I stumbled upon an article on polyphasic sleep today and I decided, why not? The science of sleep is something that captured my interest years ago, and so I’ve basically spent the entire night (it’s 8AM) reading up on polyphasic sleep, which is a way of getting enough sleep but within a shorter period of time.

How it’s done is by training your brain, over time, to jump directly into deep sleep. We sleep about eight hours per day, but not all of it is spent in deep/REM sleep, which is the stage of sleep where the body does its mojo and replenishes us. Some people might even say that those extra hours are a waste of time. Polyphasic sleep offers a way to get the required REM hours that your body needs (less than two hours) without wasting time on the remaining hours we usually spend in non-REM sleep.

I was initially drawn to the Uberman schedule — six twenty-minute naps every four hours — but it’s a bit extreme and there is no way I can fit six naps per day into my odd class schedule.

So I’ve decided on one of the Everyman schedules, and that is four and a half hours of core sleep + two twenty-minute naps per day.

My head is spinning; I spent about two hours deciding on a schedule and doing the math to make sure I can sleep this way every day without it being an inconvenience to my class schedule.

I have a huge feeling that I’m going to fail because there isn’t quite anything I love as much as getting a good night’s sleep, and I’m probably going to be bored a lot for the first two weeks or so, with fifteen-hour days to fill up, but hopefully this will be good and help me keep up with all the assignments and readings my lecturers are, without a doubt, going to pile on us soon.

And imagine how amazing all that extra time would be — if polyphasic sleep proves to be effective for me — during exam season.

Wish me luck!

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